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In all large distribution stores, and in the best stationery shops.
The only direct sales channel is Pigna Outlet, located in Alzano Lombardo (BG) via Piave, 1. In addition there is also the website where you can buy online a selection of Pigna’s products.
PM means “metal stitched”, it is the type of binding of the product.
Skip means “wire-o”, it is the type of binding of the product.
It is the size of the product’s spine, when we talk about archiving products:
  • D0 means without spine thickness, mainly referred to 3 flap file folders;
  • D 1,2 means “1,2 cm spine”, mainly referred to 3 flap file folders;
  • D3 means “3 cm spine”, mainly referred to project folders/archiving projects;
  • D7 means “7 cm spine”, mainly referred to project folders/archiving projects;
  • D8 means “8 cm spine” mainly referred to project folders/archiving projects.
It is the rings diameter of ring binder:
  • D30 means “30 mm diameter rings”;
  • D25 means “25 mm diameter rings”;
  • D16 means “16 mm diameter rings”.
PP means polypropylene, it is the abbreviation that we use to identify the products realized in recyclable plastic material.
You can see all the rulings in the following picture: rigature 2015
  • A3 = 29,7x42 cm
  • A4 = 21x29,7 cm
  • A5 = 14,8x21 cm
  • A6 = 10,5x14,8 cm
  • A7 = 7,4x10,5 cm
At the moment Pigna does not have collections of points on its exercise books.
Pigna App is the new Pigna’s application, based on the augmented technology.
You can download it for FREE directly from your Smartphone’s App Store.
Once downloaded, open the application, focus the eagle that constitute Pigna’s logo or drag it in the viewfinder.
For further details consult the istruzioni d’uso!
By downloading the application you will have many extra contents at your disposal simply focusing Pigna’s logo you’ll find on the products, or by focusing the QR code on all the products you’ll land on a tutorial page about Pigna APP’s functioning and contents. Daily famous quotations to cheer your days, a secret diary with access code to write down your thoughts, Pigna’s history through the historical covers and the most actual catalogues etc. are only a taste of Pigna APP’s world.
In addition, if you have a Monocromo fluo AR, you can use the icon dedicated to the diary. Inside the diary in fact there are some symbols that, recognized by your smartphone’s, once entered in the application, will give you the possibility to access many funny contents, comic strips, cartoons, horoscopes, games and activities, weekly columns, monthly missions… and much more!

For further information contact us directly, we will be glad to answer.


Concierge tel . 035.519111

To call the assistant in charge for important communications and / or emergencies during the night or on Saturday you can call the direct number 035.519690


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